Fat Free Potato Chips / Crisps!

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Crispy, Fat Free and delicious - Potato Chips with none of the guilt!


1 Large Baking Potato


1. Peel the Potato and slice thinly using a mandolin
2. Arrange on a Microwave safe plate or a Microwave Chip Maker
3. If using a Microwave Chip Maker microwave the Potato for 6 mins at full power. If using a plate Microwave for 2 mins on full power then turn over the Potato slices and
Microwave for a further 2 mins
6. Repeat with the remaining slices
7. Sprinkle with salt then serve with your favourite dips!

*Note microwave time may vary due to differences in power, I suggest you try a small batch first to determine the right time needed to get perfect Chips/Crisps!*
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