No Tomato Red Pepper Pasta Sauce!

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Great for anyone who avoids Tomatoes also Gluten, Dairy free, Vegan and very low fat!

2 Onions
2 Cloves Garlic
1 Red Chili (Seeds Removed)
4 Red Peppers
4 Carrots
Plenty of Fresh Thyme and Basil
Salt and Black Pepper to Season

Gluten and Dairy Free Pasta (I like Doves Farm Organic Brown Rice Penne Pasta:

1. Chop onions and add to 1cm boiling water
2. Add Garlic, Chili and Thyme- Simmer 5 mins
3. Chop and de-seed Red Peppers and add
4. Peel and chop Carrots and add
5. Simmer until tender (add more boiling water as necessary)
6. Remove from heat and blend, season as desired!
7. Serve over freshly cooked Rice or Millet pasta and sprinkle with fresh Basil

This is also great over Quinoa or if grain free as a sauce for fish or meat or simply poured over your favourite vegetables!
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